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Relevant Publications by EARN members


  • Decentralisation in Africa, 2008 – Christof Hartmann / Gordon Crawford
  • European Development Co-operation to 2020 – The EU as an answer to global challenges? EDC2020 Briefing Paper No. 1, August 2008 – Sven Grimm
  • Africa-China-Europe trilateral co-operation: Is Europe naïve? EDC2020 Opinion No. 1, November 2008 – Sven Grimm
  • Energy Challenges in the Middle East and North Africa, EDC2020 Working Paper No. 2, October
    2008 – Edward Burke, Ana Echagüe and Richard Youngs
  • Energy and Development: Lessons from Nigeria, EDC2020, Policy Brief No. 1, June 2008 – Anna Khakee
  • ECDPM:

  • What next for the Joint Africa-EU Strategy? Perspectives on revitalising an innovative framework A Scoping Paper (March 2010) (Click here for its French and Portugese version)
  • Beyond Structures? Reflections on the Implementation of the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (February 2009)
  • SAIIA:

  • Africa’s Challenges in International Trade and Regional Integration: What Role for Europe? (May 2009)
  • ‘Strategic Partnerships’: The European Union’s Quest for Global Clout (May 2009) NAI:
  • Participation of the Diaspora in the Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnership (October 2009)
  • EPAs and the post-Lisbon Implementation Status (October 2009)
  • Africa-China-EU Cooperation in Africa: Prospects and Pitfalls (October 2009)
  • Situating the EPA negotiations: Issues and unresolved debates in Africa-EU trade relations (September 2009)
  • The impact of common agricultural policy (CAP) reform on Africa-EU trade in food and agricultural products (September 2009)
  • Impact de la réforme de la Politique agricole commune (PAC) sur le commerce des produits agricoles et alimentaires entre l’Afrique et l’UE (Auguts 2009)
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